What I’m Not Wearing

Have you ever had one of those moments where you walk into your closet and you can’t find a thing to wear?  It happens every now and again right?  But the next day you go into that same closet and find that fantastic thing you just couldn’t put your fingers on the day before.  That’s been  happening to me lately.  But it hasn’t been a one time event.  It’s been a daily event for the last six to eight weeks.  It happened this morning and before I sat down to write this post I was standing in my closet struggling to find something I would love to wear to the office tomorrow.

This dilemma leads me to wonder … I am I experiencing a style crisis or a style transition? 

Before you start lusting over this closet ... I regret to inform you it's not mine.  But oh how I wish it were!

Before you start lusting over this closet … I regret to inform you it’s not mine. But oh how I wish it were!

Since there isn’t a Web MD for fashion issues, I must self-diagnose.  Knowing I have a flair for the dramatic … crisis may be too strong of a word.  So, I looked up the definition of crisis to ensure I wasn’t exaggerating. Crisis – a dramatic emotional or circumstantial upheaval in a person’s life.  Okay … maybe crisis is a stretch.  But it will be emotional falling asleep tonight thinking I’ll have to go into the office naked tomorrow.  NAKED = CRISIS!

But I wonder …  if I’m experiencing a style transition.  For you to completely understand what that means, you need a bit of history.  My style has always been a bit buttoned-up with a touch of funkiness.  I was wearing suits – yes suits – before I was in high school.  College was the same.  So when I got my first corporate job – I didn’t have to purchase a single thing.  My closet was filled with work-appropriate clothing.    A few years ago I changed my shopping habits because what became acceptable at work opened me up to a lot of variety.  Though I live in Dallas, I work for a California tech company.  It didn’t take long for that Silicon Valley tech vibe to make its way to Texas.  (I don’t even think we have a dress code.)  And my buttoned up personality embraced this change.  Jeans every day.  Casual shirts.  Walking into the office in a nice dress, can be considered overdressed.  For me there was a lot of freedom in this evolution, it was actually nice to wake up and not have to ponder what I’m going to wear.

But now, I find myself doing just that … pondering what I will wear every day.  Maybe being 41 … getting ready to hit 42 … I feel the need to step up my game.  And honestly … there is only so much stepping up one can do in jeans and a cash top.  Maybe this is just that … a transition.  Maybe my style is evolving to that woman I will be in my 40’s.  I’m definitely bolder.  I know who I am.  I’m more confident.  I’m even more girly.    I’m more me.  Damn, it feels good to type that.  The best thing about being 41 is that there are things I just don’t care about .  I don’t care what people think about my personal style.  It’s my style, take it or leave it.    And honestly, life is too short … and I have too little of it left to care about the little things.  Or the things that just don’t matter.  And for me … most people’s opinions don’t matter.  (Sorry, but its true.)

One thing hasn’t changed.  I want to look good.  And I don’t mean just good.  I want to look r-e-a-l-l-y good.  I want to get that second look from men and that appreciative look from women.  And not the – “Oh she’s hot!” look.  (Seriously, I’m not that girl).  I’m talking the “I  appreciate the fact that this woman took her time to look good today.” look.

Since I hate a great majority of the things in my closet, I’ve invested in a few new items for fall.  And before you judge me for purchasing items and not sewing them, I must remind you.  I’m a beginner.  If I could sew these items I would.  But don’t fear.  I’ll be there before you know it and I’m still sewing.  I just need a little help getting through this crisis.  (Tee Hee) Come to think about it – these items say a lot about me and my personal style. 

I’m not afraid of color … 

Orange Worthington


I’m embracing color like no other time in my life.  The bolder the better.   And speaking of stripes.  I’m not afraid of them.  As a matter of fact, I’m embracing them.


I’m flirting with the idea of being a girlie girl.  Super cute right?

IMG_1676 vs 2

1679 vs 2

Details and texture can make or break a look.  It’s these types of details I want to learn to perfect when sewing.

IMG_1655 vs 2

IMG_1664 vs 2

And last but not least … casual can still be cute.  I’m getting on a plane Sunday evening, I think this plaid shirt will be making its way to Atlanta with me.


Because I’m petite in stature, I love a power shoe.  Love, Love, Love these.

IMG_1686 vs 2

IMG_1690 vs 2

Thank you for looking at my new purchases and for putting up with the inconsistency with the lighting.  (I’m still getting the hang of my new camera.) 

Now that I’ve had a chance to look through all of my new purchases, I think I’ve settled on a diagnosis.  I am in the midst of a style transition, and here’s my prescription.  First, immediately transition my new purchases into my closet.  Secondly, start a closet cleanse.  Get everything out that I don’t need.  Don’t love.  And haven’t worn in over a year.  And the last thing I need to do is continue to sew things I love, that fit into my new personal style.  I’m happy this wasn’t a style crisis – that could have been a hot mess to resolve. Ha!

Problem solved. I’ll keep you posted on the closet cleanse … but for now, I’ve got to get back to sewing.  I’m currently cutting out 4 patterns … did you think I wasn’t serious about this sewing thing?  My next post will detail how McCalls 6702 defeated me! Yes, the pattern won the battle.  But will it win the war?  Stay tuned.

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