How McCalls 6702 Defeated Me

Pre-Blue Sunday I would peruse all types of sewing and crafting blogs.  One thing I noticed with both is that sometimes … crafters and sewers will set aside a project to finish at a later date.  If you’re following my blog you know that I’m a Type A personality with just enough OCD to  be dangerous.  So the thought of not finishing something …  Well I can’t even describe that thought because I usually finish what I start.  Don’t get me wrong.  There are times when I finish things – they are a hot mess.  But at least I got it finished, right?  Ha!  When it comes to sewing and crafting I didn’t think I would be able to stand the thought of something unfinished.  A fabulous pattern and fabric just sitting there waiting for me to finish it.  Waiting for me to wear it, and finally added to my cleansed closet.  I imagined that the unfinished project would be calling to me.  Begging me to finish it off.  Honestly, I thought if I left a project unfinished … it would torment me until I finished it.

Until now, I haven’t had to set a pattern aside.  There’s been hiccups on several of them.  I either had to research how to work through the problem online.  Or I would have to take the pattern and muslin to my local ASG meeting and get help from the ladies there.  That’s what usually happened until I met McCalls 6702.


First thing’s first.  Is this tunic not over the top adorable?  The Marketing team at McCalls got this one right … the fabric alone makes you want to sew this shirt. It has a ton of cute details.  I love the gathering on the shoulders and the back.  The high low hem is perfect for skinny jeans or leggings for fall. 

M6702 vs 2

One thing I was looking forward to with this pattern was making this sleeve.  It billows out with a narrow sleeve band which plays with volume and creates visual interest. 


But here’s the real reason I purchased this pattern.  On the pattern envelope in white and hot pink lettering were the words “Easy”.  Hey – no pride here ladies and gents.  An easy pattern that is also fashionable?  Sold!  I even found the perfect fabric.  With that, I set out to start constructing my muslin.  I read my pattern and made notes.  I cut out the pattern and transferred every single pattern details to the fabric.  It didn’t take long after I started sewing for me to get stuck.  That damn Spawn of Satan V-neck … one of the details I LOVE about this shirt … just gave me hell.   Every problem I had was with the V-neck.  I couldn’t get past it. 

Muslin #1 – And yes there were enough attempts on this pattern for me to count off the muslins.  This was completely my fault.  Though I carefully read through the the instructions … making notes where I thought I needed them … I erred when I deciding what side of the muslin to place the interfacing.  I admit … there isn’t a wrong side to fabric with the muslin and I continued to work through it.  But the two facing pieces are very similar.  After struggling with the pieces for three days I decided I needed to recut the pieces with a definite right and wrong side.

I then moved to Muslin #2.  I cut the pieces again using a fabric with a right and wrong side.  I attempted to attach the tunic facings again.  Same problem the facings wouldn’t align with the tunic front.  So I attempted to force the fit and attached them to the bodice front.  Note to self:  force fitting pattern pieces doesn’t resolve the problem.

On to Muslin #3.  Still stubborn in my resolve to conquer this pattern, I took it to an ASG meeting.  I learned this is not an easy technique. Most of the ladies in the guild have been sewing for as long as I’ve been alive.  And when they say something is a challenge, it is.  They were shocked this pattern was rated “Easy”.  We attempted to work through the pattern, and even they were confused by the pattern instructions.   Thank goodness, I was really starting to doubt this sewing thing.  On top of that I just had a splendid sewing experience with the Salt Spring Dress (thank you Indie sewing companies for making your instructions clear and concise).  Armed with some tips from the ladies I went back home to make …

Muslin #4 – about now I’m thinking “How many versions should a girl make before she just gives up?”  My confidence was up after the ASG meeting.  I had some good pointers.  I then cut out another version.  And … Epic, Epic Fail.  I think a more seasoned seamstress would be able to work through the problem.  But since I don’t how to make adjustments on the fly I don’t know how to get past these types of problems. 

So I hit a wall.  A big wall.  Other than taking this to someone else to finish for me, I didn’t know how to proceed.  As difficult as it was for me to admit … I had to set this pattern aside to attack another day.  And you know what … because I’ve hit that wall … not 1, not 2, not 3 but 4 times … I don’t have a choice but to sit this pattern aside.  Though my gut reaction is to burn it.  I’ll continue to build my skills and will attack it another day. 

What about you?  Do you have a pattern that is a nemesis?  McCalls 6702 may have won this battle but it definitely won’t win the war.

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