True Confessions and What’s in my Fridge

Before I type a single word about my next project, I must make a confession.  Why, you ask?  Well, I’m a connector of dots.  Things have to make sense.  And … I think it would be the same for you right?  If I revealed my project after revealing how crazy, busy my life is in My Gigantic Pity Party … you would think one of two things. 

1.  Nisha’s a freaking awesome superwoman and I can only hope to one day be as gifted and  talented as she is. 

Or, you would think.

2.  Nisha’s a freaking awesome superwoman and totally hate her.  Then you’d unfollow my blog and periodically send negative thoughts to me and my perfect little life.  If you’re from Louisiana you may invest in a voodoo doll and periodically stick a pin in it!

Well relax ladies … and gents (I know you guys are out there).  I am not perfect by any stretch of the imagination.  And on a good day I’m barely holding on to the frindges of my sanity – Ha!  (Sad but true)  And that’s what true confessions are all about.  So here’s my confession. Here’s a picture of my fridge on any given day.

Nisha's Fridge

First you must notice the two bottles of wine.   Yes, they have top-shelf priority.  (There is also one open bottle on the door, but whose counting?)  On to the important items to note … the containers of already prepared meals.  If my fridge can tell you one thing about me it would be …. I don’t cook.  With that fact, you’ll be scratching your head to know that my most recent finished project is an apron!  Well, not just one apron.  2 aprons! 

Red and Black stretch cotton print with solid black stretch cotton pocket.

Red and Black stretch cotton print with solid black stretch cotton pocket.

And …

Rec cotton with navy blue floral print.  Denim pocket.

Rec cotton with navy blue floral print. Denim pocket.

I’m anticipating your questions, as I’m typing.  Why, if you don’t cook, would you make aprons?  Remember that skill-building I was talking about in my first few blogs.  I’m still doing that.  Getting familiar with fabrics and those basic sewing skills.  Getting better and faster.  Honestly, I went into this project with low to no expectations, but I love how these came out.  I even pranced (love that word pranced don’t you … I don’t even know what that would look like) around my kitchen for a bit in one of them.  Note:  there was no cooking involved in the prancing. 

I used Butterick See & Sew pattern B5125.  I’m not sure how old this pattern is, but I know it’s been around since at least 2009.  Several of the blogs I follow have previously made this project.  This pattern was in my stash … for more about my non-guilt about my pattern stash see my first confession.  I remember purchasing it because the pattern envelope says “yes, its easy”.  And  it is.  It doesn’t take long to cut out or construct.  But easy doesn’t mean I wasn’t building new skills.  I didn’t use my serger on this project because it was an exercise in perfecting the hem.  The bottom and the sides of this apron are finished with a narrow hem.  Let me tell you.  I have that narrow hem down to a science.  Expecially after sewing on this fabric.

Red and Black Checked Fabric

Yeah baby!  Try sewing with that print for a few hours.  My eyes are still angry with me. 

There are two other skills I learned.  Making a pocket and a flounce.  I thought a pocket would be difficult, but this method was fairly easy.  The curves come from gathering the pocket on the corners to create the curve.  My favorite is the apron with the denim pocket.  The denim was in my stash, and I thought it would make a good contrast against the red.  I’m very happy with the results.

Denim Pocket

The flounce was pretty easy once I got the hang of clipping the curves.  I made a muslin first so I was very careful when I cut into my fabric.  I love the drape on the flounce.  It makes the apron very feminine and flirty.  Very easy to prance in.


Now the question is what will I do with these aprons.  Well my first thought is that I will give some as gifts for the upcoming holiday season.  But I’m also thinking of selling these on Etsy.  What do you think?  Would you purchase an apron?



IMG_1640 vs 2


In other exciting Blue Sunday news … do you remember the Salt Spring Sew-along?  Well, I’m super excited to share that my blog received a mention from the ladies at Sewaholic in their most recent round-up.  Whoo Hoo!  What a way to boost my confidence, and thank all of you for your kind remarks. 

I hope to be back in the next few days to review with you my current nemisis McCalls 6702.  Well, since it’s my nemesis maybe it won’t be a review but more of an explaination of how that pattern is kicking my butt.


7 responses to “True Confessions and What’s in my Fridge

  1. They’re pretty but the red with the denim pocket is my favorite. I’m a beginner too and now you have me looking to get the pattern.

    • Thank you Felisha. You should definitely get the pattern. The next version I’m thinking of using a little more of the denim … using it for the waistband or even the ties. Thanks for visiting, and please come again!

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