A Saltspring … Just in time fo Tribute Month!!

It will be posting madness!  Posting Madness I say ….   as I try to get a few things posted as part of the Sewcialist’s Tribute Month.  Oh yes, if you didn’t realize … today is August 30th.  Only one more day in this month!  Crazy, I know.  Want a little more crazy?  I have another item to post by tomorrow.  EEEKK!

With that, let’s get down to it. 

Tribute month is all about paying homage to someone that inspires you.  It’s not hard for me, since I’m constantly … not only inspired … but amazed at how creative the blogosphere is.  It can be really hard to choose … but there is one blogger that has inspired me not once but twice!! 

I’m a dedicated reader of Sew Well.  Really … Amy had me with the name.  I discovered her blog last year when I was just learning how helpful the internet could be when learning to sew.  At that point …  all I wanted to do was “sew well” (Haha) … and wear my garments in public and not be ashamed.  Amy made her version of Sewaholic’s Saltspring dress and I knew I wanted to make it as well.  That’s when I participated in the Sewaholic Sewalong and sewed my first version of the Saltspring! 

The next month Amy posted a maxi version, and I was so jealous.  Yes, during the sew along there were so many beautiful Saltsprings.  But, I’m partial to Amy’s.  Since then I have been chomping at the bit to make a longer version for myself.  This summer I did.  For you Amy at Sew Well – my version of the maxi Saltspring!


Amy made her second version of the Saltspring in lovely blue cotton voile.  I made my first version using cotton voile.  Sewing Soulmates right? Tee Hee.  Initially I was looking for a large graphic print for my maxi version, but ran into problems finding a print I loved in a 50-60″ width.  But when I saw this teal and gold.  It was LOVE at first sight.  Coming fresh out of learning about knits, I felt fairly comfortable with attempting this pattern in that fabric.

I purchased the fabric at Fabrique Fabrics here in Plano, TX.  Probably the best of the best when it comes to fashion fabrics in my local area.  And I will say this … if I could bathe in a fabric.  I would bathe in this knit.  Its soft, cuddly, and light.  It flows so well.  It moves dramatically.  Flows around the legs and against the hips.  If I’m looking for a dramatic entrance and exit … I need to wear this dress. 


Here was the challenge.  I’ve never worked with stripes.  And I knew it would be a challenge matching the stripes on the back on the sides.  And I could have cheated and cut the back on the fold … eliminating that back seam line. But being honest with you all, I’m never going to get better if I don’t challenge myself.  And I wanted the challenge of matching the stripes on the sides and the back.


I’m so proud of how the back turned out.  You barely notice the seamline.  And it’s the same with the sides.


The sides were a interesting because they come together at a slight angle.  I wanted to pay careful attention to how the stripes came together at the pockets … making sure those lines still matched whether the pocket was open or closed.


In the picture above you can see the stripes still work with the pocket.  And by the way, the pocket is the same as the lining fabric.  This teal/gold combo is a very thin … almost transparent knit.  I had to line it or all of my business would be out there.  One additional positive about the lining was had a positive impact on the gold color, it made it deeper and less harsh.

One major thing I learned from the Linda Lee workshop I attended earlier this year was to “play” with knit fabrics.  Play with stich length.  Stitch width.  Play with different seam finishes. I wanted to do something fun.  I practiced a traditional hem.  An then I played with different tensions on the serger and came up with this lettuce edge finish on the hem.  I love how it came out.  The biggest compliment I received was when I was asked, “Where did you get that dress?”.  Score!


There is one thing I wish I could do over … I sewed this using the same size I did last summer, and in retrospect, I’ve dropped a few pounds and I should have taken my measurements again and made the bodice one size smaller.  This knit is very forgiving on the body.  But it’s okay … let’s just be honest.  It’s not like I have much that will pop out of that bodice anyway.

Now here is where bloggers have influence.  Thanks to Amy @ Sew Well, I learned about Sewaholic Patterns they create patterns for pear-shaped women like me.  Because of her willingness to share her talents and her experiences I was encouraged to participate in my first sew along, and now I’ve made my first maxi dress.  If you haven’t visited Sew Well do it.  You’re missing out, visit soon!!   









5 responses to “A Saltspring … Just in time fo Tribute Month!!

  1. Hi, fellow local sewing blogger! I remember this fabric (can’t remember if there’s still any in the store) and it’s perfect for your pretty dress! Great stripe matching!

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