Why, Why, Why?


There are so many “why questions” in the world.  Why is grass green?  Why is the sky blue?  What came first … the chicken or the egg?  It’s only natural to have “why questions” about a new blog in the sewing and crafting blogosphere.  So I’ll try to answer those questions for you in my first official blog.

Why did you start a blog?

I started a blog for a few different reasons.  First, I have a few “why questions” of my own when it comes to sewing.  When I took my first class and we pulled out the pattern and started working on it … I LOVED IT!  Sewing is like putting a puzzle together … each piece fits nicely together.  Using a very basic Simplicity pattern, I sewed a cute summery top.  I found this wonderful material and thoroughly enjoyed the sewing process.  But when I at last tried the finished garment on, I was beyond disappointed.  The shirt was 3-4 sizes too large, it gapped under the arms, and the collar was way too large.  My sewing teacher encouraged me to continue to sew and I would resolve my fit problems as I became a better seamstress.

I went on to take more classes, and my level of frustration grew with each one.  I would spend hours locating the perfect fabric and hope to have this finished garment that I would be proud to wear.  But no, the skirt I made fit at the hips but was too large at the waist.  And the dress I made was a disaster.  The bodice didn’t fit correctly and it didn’t hit me correctly at the waist line. 

Being a lover of clothes I decided sewing was too expensive and time-consuming for me not to have the correct fit.  I could stroll into a local boutique and come out with something off the rack that fit me better than what I had crafted on my own. With that – sewing machine sat unused for a year.

Earlier this year, I got the itch again.  You see I love clothes and fashion.  And I thought I would give it one last try.  This time I’ve pulled out the big guns.  My grandmother was right, when you  know better … you do better.  I found a new Rock Star Sewing Teacher.  She’ll say she isn’t, but she is.  Becky is helping me develop a fit pattern that will assist me in making other patterns.  This is a process I’ll be documenting in this blog.  I’ve joined ASG which has provided me a ton of resources, information, and monthly meetings where I learn so much. 

Through ASG … I have a whole other virtual learning environment. BLOGS!  Whoo Whoo!

I’ve started this blog out of accountability.  My favorite blogs document their successes and failures, and I want to do that.   There are a ton of Rock Stars out there in the world of sewing and I want to sit at their feet and learn as much as I can. I also hope to suck it up and join a sew-a-long later this year.  (I’ve got to build my confidence up… give me some time)   A few of my favorites – Lladybird, Oonaballoona, and The Curious Kiwi are just a few.  At some point, I’ll work on getting all of my faves listed.

Why the name Blue Sunday?

Blue Sunday is a concept that I came up with in 2005.  More than anything it is a feeling.  It’s the place from which my heart speaks and is totally at peace.  It is two of my favorite things.  The color blue represents tranquility, trust, and peace.  Don’t you find comfort in all of those words?  I do.  Sunday is just that.  A day of rest and relaxation.  A day to just … be.

I feel that way when I sew. 

So, now I’m starting at ground zero again with this sewing thing.  I’m considering myself a babe in the sewing world and I’m ready to get my groove on.   

Some questions I hope to answer in this blog…

  • Why do I wear a size 18-20 in patterns?  Seriously? I have hips and a nice round butt, my boyfriend loves it.  If you know any pattern makers that specialize in this please leave a comment!
  • How to I obtain the proper fit?
  • I’ve purchased a serger, now what?
  • What’s the mystery behind sewing knits?

 I know I won’t have answers to all of these questions now, but I hope to add these things to my database of knowledge over time.  And one thing I’m learning, as soon as I learn one thing, there are 5 more things to learn.  Gotta love it.  Now that this first post is officially done. Milestone accomplished.  I’ve got some sewing to do.

One response to “Why, Why, Why?

  1. Hi, and thank you for reading my blog!
    In answer to some of your questions, don’t worry about the sizing on patterns, it is just a number, really concentrate on the finished measurements. The big 4, simplicity, mccalls, Butterick and vogue are all renowned for having big sizing too, so most people measure against what they say but end up cutting approx two sizes smaller as their fit is generous. If you are a pear shape I would recommend Sewaholic patterns as that us their specialty.
    For fit there are several sites that can help, Colette is one of them, but the first thing is identifying what you need to change. Me, I need to do a full bust adjustment, short body and small shoulder adjustments, but of course all bodies are different.
    With the serger, my first tip, get in there are start practicing! They are not as scary as they appear. There is a class on Craftsy for beginners that is supposed to be brilliant.
    Again, knits are not as scary as they appear, it is all about having the right needle. Again, Craftsy can help with courses on this.
    Most of all have fun – we are all learning and you will find the sewing network are super supportive 🙂
    Also feel free to PM me at any time 🙂

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