What’s [Not] Gonna Happen in 2015

This whole sewing goals thing has been eating me up since last month.  Should I make goals?  What should they be?  Should I be aggressive?  They should be challenging … but  achievable.  I don’t want to fail!  Sigh.

Because I’ve been in therapy … I know how CRAZY OBSESSIVE I can be once I put something down on paper.  What I learned from therapy (and it was worth every penny) is to take the pressure off.  Chill.  So I’m taking that approach to my goals this year (personal & sewing).  So … why don’t we dive into What’s Gonna & What’s Not Gonna Happen in 2015!  Sooooo much easier than goals or resolutions!

In 2015 I will not …

  • Commit to cranking out projects once a week.  Once a month.  Every six weeks.  Every holiday.  For dates.  Dinner with my friends.  For special occasions.  For vacation.  You get my drift? When a project is complete … its’ complete.  I am the slowest sewer ever.  Really I am.  And I don’t need the pressure.

If you think you’re slow.  Take your rate of speed, multiply it by 10,000 and you have my rate of speed.  Part of it is because I have the attention span of an ant.  My mind will go to another place and I’ll go off on a wild goose chase looking for a piece of fabric in my stash.  Or looking for a pattern.  Or spend an hour looking for the blue marking pen I used on the first half of the pattern.  Or I pick up Farmville 2.  (what a time sucker!)

The other factor … I’m just slow.  I check and double check everything … especially when I’m sewing my real fabric.  If I’m planning to make something ahead of time months ahead of time), that’s cool … but no last minute … two days before the event … I need something to wear sewing!

  • I will not … spend over $250 on fabric for all of FY15.  Yeah, I said it and I’m doing it.  Here’s the deal.  I have tons, and tons, and tons of fabric.  One advantage of being a member of ASG are these amazing stash sales.  I get some of the most beautiful fabric!  To that end, I have accumulated so much, that I really don’t have a space in my townhouse for anything else.  As my friend recently mentioned.  “You bought a piece a furniture to store fabric!  You have fabric buying problem.”  I couldn’t disagree with her.  Yes, I have a problem.

The reason I have to establish a small budget?  I may be a fabric addict but I live in reality.   know I’m going to find some fabric at some time, in some fabric store.  Or online.  And I’m going to fall in love with it.  And I will have to have it.  With that, I’m giving myself a tiny budget.  I’m going to have to be prudent with the little funds that I have, and spend it wisely.   (I say tiny because I recently ordered a Liberty of London knit and it is …. EVERYTHING.  It is also expensive.  There won’t be a lot of shopping for Lon my 2015 budget

  • I will not  … beat myself up for not blogging enough.  I’m doing this for fun!  To learn!  And to share!  And most importantly – get feedback.
  • I will not make muslin after muslin after muslin.  A good quality about me.  I hate to give up.  A bad quality about me.  I hate to give up.  In the process of getting the perfect fit, or mastering a technique I will muslin a pattern to death.  And in that process … I lose my passion for making it.  The joy of making and creating something wearable, turns into a into a burden.  Fun is no longer in the process.

2014 Unfinished Projects from right to left: McCall’s M6611, Vogue V8911, and Butterick B5356. I also attempted McCall’s M6706 prior to properly understanding knit fabric (not pictured).

I have 4 patterns that I roughly spent 6 weeks on this year.  For those projects, I should have given up  after the first or second muslin and moved on.  Those projects you haven’t seen.  They aren’t finished.  Just a lot of work and nothing to show for it.  I will continue to muslin.  Just not spend so much time on a project.

Now let’s get down to the things I’m gonna do in 2015.

  • I will be more strategic in my pattern purchasing.  I need to define my style and only purchase patterns that meet that criteria.  What that process looks like … I have no clue.  I’ll work it out!
  • I’m going to continue to have a blast sewing and blogging.  Even though I don’t know what I’m doing most of the time (sewing or blogging), I am having fun doing it!
  • At the same time I won’t beat myself up for not blogging enough, I do need to blog more.  I did some really cool things in 2014 that never made it to the blog.  Pattern Review Weekend.  Austin Fashion Week (where by the way I met Daniel Esquivel! and attended a Project Runway Fashion Show!).  Linda Lee Workshop.  Those are things I need to share, if for no other reasons other than they are cool!

Daniel Esquivel – the only man in the photo!

  • I will make something for a friend.  Or more than one friend.  My friends are the best encouragers in the world.  I will show them something I’ve made that’s all jacked up.  The seams are crooked.  The threads are unraveling.  The inside of the garment, just isn’t pretty. Something that’s sub-par at best.  And they will look at me in the eye and say.  “I want one!”  Or “Make me one of those!”
Some of my closest friends at the Fountanbleu Hotel, Miami, FL

Some of my closest friends at the Fountanbleu Hotel, Miami, FL

I know what you’re thinking.  They are my friends and they don’t want to hurt my feelings.  Nah – that’s not how we roll.  These ladies call me out on my crap.  When I’m operating out of fear.  When I just won’t give a guy a chance.  When I’m just being stubborn.  And especially when I’m just being “that girl”.  (That girl= that girl that every other girl hates)  They tell me – you’re being “that girl”!  Like I said, they call me out on my crap.  I am fortunate to have authentic relationships.  When I ask my friends if they like something … and they don’t.  They tell me.

They tell me its more than receiving the perfect gift.  Which is what I tell them … “It has to be perfect!”  The say it’s more about receiving something that is handmade.  Labored over.  Something that is made out of love. Enough of that sappiness!  I’m gonna make something for my friends, because I love them, and I’m thankful they are in my life.

  • I will change the arc of my buying patterns.  Currently I purchase more clothing than I make.  2015 will by the year of transition.  I will purchase less.  And make more.  This will be my most difficult goal because I love clothes.  I love trends.  And I love shopping.

I think shopping may be different for me from now on.  I’ll be shopping for inspiration.  Construction techniques.  But not buying.  I’ll be making!!

  •  My last I’m gonna for 2015?  I’m going to continue to have fun!  Creating!  Making!  Stretching my abilities!  Continuing to grow and learn new things.

I’m continuing on my journey, and I’m excited to have you along with me!!  2015 is going to be awesome!  I’m looking forward to the great things to come!!  In the past, I’ve hesitated to call myself a sewist or a maker.  I didn’t feel like I was good enough.  But this year, I’m excited to call myself Chief Executive Maker.  I make things.  I create.  I sew.

Are you excited for the year to come?  If so what are you most excited for?

11 responses to “What’s [Not] Gonna Happen in 2015

  1. This has been the most real and refreshing 2015 resolutions I’ve read so far. Best of luck with them, and I totally share your pain at being a slow sewer, that’s definitely me too 🙂

  2. This post makes me feel great about the upcoming year with my sewing. I want to enjoy the ride. Thanks for putting all this into words.

  3. Buying furniture to store fabric is a problem? Haha, I better own up to that one. Great set of resolutions, and you have nailed what I think a lot of us feel. Here’s to no pressure and enjoying the sewing!

  4. I love this! I think these are all really sensible and doable resolutions and I love the way you’re focusing on keeping sewing fun and not crazy-making. Stopping the sewing-on-a-deadline thing was really helpful for me (reduced the crazy and made me a better sewer) because I could focus on doing quality work and not cut corners to make the deadline. I hope you have a wonderful year and continue to have fun with your sewing!

    • Thanks so much! Isn’t life crazy enough without putting pressure on ourselves to “perform” at a high level on the things we love. Like Sewing!!!???!! I hope you have a great 2015 as well!!

  5. Finally getting around to catching up on blog reading! I never make lists or concrete goals for the year either. I sew for myself when I am inspired and have the motivation to do so. And since blogging is my hobby, I only do it when I have the time so I won’t hate it (I still have a Christmas post to write!).

    I think your plans (or lack thereof) are perfect. The only thing we actually need to plan is a get together! How is is February already??

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