Community Or No Community? – That is the Question.

Friday I had the pleasure of having a single day off.  This is a rare occasion in my world.  I decided to spend a good portion of my day at my sewing machine.  While I was sewing, I started thinking … Sewing is one of those hobbies where you can crawl into your workspace or for me living room. … and hunker down.  We can spend hours on end in glorious solitude simply creating.  Or attempting to create … in my case ….  something wearable.  We can pull out our laptops and/or tablets at our leisure to review a particular technique or method.  We learn from our mistakes.  Stitch.  Cut.  Snip.  Trim.  Baste.  Re-stitch. It’s an activity where the hours fly by while we’re creating. 

Though I do like these times when I get to hunker down, I started thinking about how much I’ve grown in the last year since I joined ASG.  It’s easy to be an SS (Solitary Sewist).  With websites like Craftsy and Threads … not to mention the blogs.  It’s easy to be an SS.  Every day there are more and more Indie pattern companies with their offers of free patterns combined with tutorials and sew-alongs.  Really all you need is your sewing supplies and your PC.

Sewing Community

But I contrast that against how much I’ve grown since I’ve been a member of ASG.  I’ve learned so much.  My skills have increased by leaps and bounds.  I have a basic understanding of construction and how a pattern comes together.  I’m delving into new fabrics, and techniques.  I’m challenging myself at every turn.  But it’s not just about sewing skills.  It’s about Community.  People who are willing to share their knowledge, open their homes, hearts and resources to make you better.  Community … true community is a safe place.  No question is every stupid.  Judgements aren’t made.  It’s about investing in one another.  Appreciating one another.  And … of course … sewing.

Do you have a sewing community?  If so, what does it consist of?  Feel free to comment below.

If you don’t have a sewing community, I invite you to join me at the Plano, TX American Sewing Guild website.  You can follow the site just like you follow my blog.  It will help keep you “in the know” with all of the Guild’s FANTASTIC activities.  Such as … neighborhood group meetings, fun activities, contests and the like.  Not local to Plano, Texas or the United States … no worries.  There’s a lot of great sewing information, techniques, resources and suggestions for you!

From time to time you’ll see contributions from me like this, this, and this!  

I hope to see you all here and there!

Blessings to you, and stay tuned there’s another adventure in the works.

3 responses to “Community Or No Community? – That is the Question.

  1. My sewing is solitary. I haven’t met any folks who sew other clothing here in the Columbia area. I’ve seen how much other people enjoy their sewing meet-ups. Keep learning 🙂

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