Vogue 8821 – Flat out Fun!

Tunic 1

This is one of my favorite things right now!  There is nothing like that feeling working really hard on a garment and loving it when you’re done.  Feeling like it is something you would walk into a store, try on and purchase for yourself.  But it’s even better because you made it yourself.  I feel this way about this top, Vogue 8821

The History – I was looking to make something for two upcoming trips.  The first a wine tasting fiesta in Napa with Scoop.  The second I was looking for a great outfit for one of the fashion shows during Pattern Review Weekend … which also falls during Austin Fashion Week.  I love how this top came together and it SCREAMS FUN!

Tunic 2

Let’s talk fabric shall we?  I’ve had this fabric since my very first sewing class … maybe four years ago now?  I purchased it at Joanns and I remember thinking I wanted to sew something fun or special with it.  It’s a textured cotton, with a bit of a bubbled effect.  Since I didn’t have the skills or the pattern, it’s just been hanging out in my stash.

Fabric Swatch

Even with the texture, the cotton was fairly sheer.  Not one to share everything … I fully lined this top.  (Pause to shamelessly pat myself on the back.  When I started this blog, never, ever did I think I would be typing the words …. “I fully lined …. anything”.  But I just did.  Yay me!)  The lining is a traditional white lining fabric. 

I did make a muslin for this pattern as usual, and I had to shorten the shoulder seams.  This was a little tricky because of the four panels that make up the back of the shirt.  Here’s another view of the back.

Tunic 3

Basically there are 4 panels that make up that dramatic back.  In order to adjust the shoulder seams I had to adjust each of those panels along with the bodice front.  While we’re on the back, I did make an adjustment there.  The pattern calls for a hook & eye closure.  I opted for a really cool pearlized button with a loop closure.  I like the end result. 

Tunic 6

 One of the reasons I liked this pattern is because it’s simple, but there are great design details.  The inverted “V” at the side seam along with the elbow sleeve length.  The bodice consists of two pieces.  The upper bodice and a lower panel.  This detail is difficult to see in the photos, but it’s there.

Tunic 4

Overall this top was a joy to sew, and I’m going to get a lot of mileage out of it this summer!  The pants are funky too right?  Can’t wait to share my next adventure with you.

Have you sewn something you absolutely LOVE right now?  I’d love to hear about it!

11 responses to “Vogue 8821 – Flat out Fun!

  1. oh i am LOVING that shape! you’re right, it screams fun. and also cries for a glass of napa wine, which is truly the hallmark of a winning garment, no?

  2. love everything about it. hard to tell that you are a newbie at this. I guess I’ll pull my pattern out now. thanks for a great review.

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