What I’m Wearing: Butterick B555

This was the first few sentences of this post when I started it on 1/27/14. 

“Yes, it’s a miracle.  Two weeks, two posts.” 

 But … life got in the way.  Let me  be specific.  Work and illness got in the way.  That mysterious illness just wouldn’t let go.  4 antibiotics since January – that my friends is crazy talk.  And work … is just work.  My job isn’t 8 to 5.  It involves weekends and nights.  There are times when it is all consuming.  And for the past month it is been that.  This week, I’m finally starting to feel myself.  The sewing bug has bit me again, and I’m back at it. 

Maybe … just maybe  my New Year’s resolution to be a better blogger will actually come to fruition.  I’d like to share my latest make … Butterick B555.

RFB Tunic 2

This is my first time sewing a Butterick pattern … and I will say … the experience wasn’t a bad one.  But before I go into the dirty deets about the pattern can we talk fabric? 

RFB Tunic 1

Love!  My confession for this post.  I have absolutely no idea where this fabric came from.  Sad … but true.  It’s been in my stash for as long as I can remember.  And when I pulled out this pattern I knew I wanted something a little funky/boho chic.  I rolled with it, and I’m very happy with the results.  My best guess is I scooped this up at Joann’s or Golden D’or.  Matters not ’cause it’s been sewn into the cutest tunic evah!

I opted for Version  B on the pattern envelope.  And since I’m standing a tall 5 feet 0 inches tall (that’s sarcasm people), I can wear this as a tunic or a dress.  I have options … I can wear this baby as pictured with boots and leggings.  Or when this crazy cold weather ends I can rock this out with some heels or flats.  The color will make the perfect transition into spring.  I decided to leave off the tie at the waist.  Again options … I can either belt it or wear it loose. 

RFB Tunic 3

Do you think I made a muslin?  If you follow this blog you know I did.  If you’re new to my blog.  Know this … I don’t know nearly enough to remotely begin sewing a garment without making a muslin. Ha!  Of course I made a muslin.  My muslins have muslins. 

From afar this tunic is fairly straight forward, but its full of great design details.  By the way, I’m experimenting with new lighting methods so there may be some inconsistecy with the pictures.  Hang in there with me.  It will get better!

Tunic on Bustform

If you elect to sew this pattern, one skill you’ll get a lot of practice with is gathering.  There are gathers at the bottom of the yoke, top and bottom of the sleeves. 

Tunic Sleeve

Want to know why my muslins have muslins?  Because sometimes collars don’t go on the right way.  This was my first time sewing a collar.  My first try … it was just wrong in so many ways.  My second try … I sewed the collar on backward.  The third time was indeed the charm.  Can I get a what, what?  In this next shot you not only see the collar, which I think turned out pretty good.  But you see my top stitching … that has just got to get better!!


Thank goodness I have this very active print where the top stitching isn’t as bad as it could be.  But if you’re up close with a magnifying glass or a foresic scientist you see it.  Am I wearing it?  Heck yes!  No one, and I mean no one should be that close into my personal space to see that topstitching!  Except for my guy … he can be that close anytime. (Smile)  And he doesn’t even know what topstitching is anyway … so it matters not to him.

Tunic Final

Here’s the deal … this top is just fun!  You should make it.  I think … I think … I think I see a shorter version of this in my future.

The Not So Dirty Details

Pattern:  Butterick B555

Sizing and Pattern Alterations:  Sewed straight size although this pattern has such a relaxed fit I could go down a size and not have to make any pattern adjustments.

Fabric:  Cotton

New Skills:  Collar, Cuffs, & Gathering

10 responses to “What I’m Wearing: Butterick B555

  1. Love it! I am just learning how important muslins are in regards to how nice the finished product is. Well worth the effort!

    • Thanks Mary. Yes, I’ve learned lessons. Make a muslin and you don’t have a terrible fit! Or something you’ll never wear in public. Sewing is too hard to not be able to show off your efforts! Happy Sewing!

  2. i saw your comment on carolyn’s blog which reminded me of your awesome tunic that i couldn’t comment on (read: on tiny phone) last week! i LOVE this 🙂

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