Sewing with M-Squared – Our First Sewing Class

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Today, I’m happy to announce … for the next few months you’ll hear from not one, but two guest bloggers.  M-Squared (M2), or to those who love them Makayla and Makenzie.  Before you hear from them … a little intro.  Makayla and Makenzie are my 10-year old twin cousins.  They, along with their big brother CJ bring me a lot of joy, and remind me every day how ill-equipped I would be as a parent.  I could never be as awesome as their parents are, so I get to be the fun cousin.  We hang out.  Do fun stuff.  Eat fun food.  Then … I return them to their parents.  Not like returning a sweater at a store.  I always go back to get them. Ha!  It works out awesome for me.  And for them.  At the end of the day I love these kiddos, and I’m blessed to have them in my life.

M2 has been wanting to sew for a while, so when ASG offered classes for aspiring sewers under the age of 15, I jumped at the chance to take them.  Starting in this month through January, you’ll hear from M2 once per month.  This month they made quilted snap bags … a great first sewing project.  For their first blog, I asked questions about their first experience with a sewing machine.

Kayla & Kenzie Logo

Why did you want to take a sewing class?

We have been trying to sew since we were very young. We thought if we learned we could make anything and become professionals.

What did you think about sewing?

We definitely were not used to sewing, but it was fun.  We learned a quilting technique by drawing straight lines and sewing on top of them.  It was hard.  We used pens and a ruler to make the lines.  Then we sewed on top of the lines.  After we finished sewing, we ironed the fabric, and the lines disappeared.

How did you like using the sewing machine.

It was hard using the sewing machine.   It was like when you drive you can’t go fast or slow.  It was a challenge, but we made it through. First, the thread kept coming off.  It was aggravating at times but we kept trying.  We kept remembering that quote, “never give up, always keep trying”. 

Kayla and Kenzie In Class

 Sometimes we got mad if we couldn’t get the machines to work, but we figured it out.

What did you think about the sewing teachers and the other students?  (Note – this is a loaded question because I was one of their teachers.)

We thought everyone was really  nice.  The teachers were always by your side.  We really didn’t get to talk to the girls – we were busy sewing!  Everyone was great.

Sewing Class

What did you think about your bag and what will you use it for?

Our bags came out really nice.  Yeah, it was our first time, but we thought we did good.  We want to use our bags for lipgloss, pencils, and sewing materials!

Bag Sample

Bag Close Up

After sewing class it was time to play!

Playing Picture

Playing Picture 2

Thank you Makayla and Makenzie for being awesome little sewers this weekend.  Be sure to visit us next month when they will blog about their next project – A Christmas Stocking. 

That’s all for now.  Stay tuned for what’s next on Blue Sunday.  **Disclaimer – please note even though the 10-year olds in this post referenced driving a car, they have never really driven a car.

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