My Gigantic Pity Party

When measuring how hectic my life is on a scale from zero to 10.  My life would be ranked at a 15.  There’s my main job.  On top of that, I have my second job, it’s at a winery and it allows me to not only pour wine, but get it at a discount.  Who am I kidding, it also helps me to afford this crazy expensive hobby of sewing. Then there’s my social life … I have to have people to consume all of that wine with.  And finally I live in Dallas where there is a plethora (like that word choice don’t ya!) of things to do any given day of the week.  Not to mention the endless amount of fantastic restaurants we have.  Seriously … you should know it all comes back to wine … you can’t drink wine without fantastic food!

With all of that going on, I was insanely excited to have a span of time in which I could seriously dedicate some time to sewing.  Throughout a normal week I try to spend at a minimum 30 minutes a day sewing on a weeknight.  There are times when I can dedicate a full 1-2 hours.  But there are also times when I get stuck and I need to research the best way to proceed.  With labor day weekend approaching attached with strategically placed vacation days …  I had 5 days to dedicate some serious chunks of time to perfecting this craft of sewing. 

I knocked out the muslin for my Saltspring Dress rather quickly.  So I quickly moved on to utilizing this awesome Cotton Lawn I purchased from  I also wanted to finish these great zipper bags as gifts for family members.  The pattern is one of the projects included in my Beginner Serger course on Craftsy.   Little did I know my plans would fail miserably!   My reaction?

Pouting Picture

Yes, I admit it, I was pouting.  On Monday – the end of my 5 days of sewing … I was defeated.  That Saltspring dress I was rocking and rolling on stalled out with the back zipper.  The zipper pouches died a very slow death when my serger (who is the Spawn of Satan) completely bit the dust.  I won’t even go into the fact that the serger is brand-spanking new and has been only used on one project.  It is the most expensive piece of equipment in my sewing arsenal.  And it broke!  Not a threading/re-thread issue.  Not a needle issue.  The tension dial on the upper looper completely broke!  (Can you feel my frustration?)  I was closing my weekend a little blue.  Feeling like a sewing failure.  Wondering how long I’m going to suck at this.  I even thought … maybe I should give up this whole sewing thing. 

Yeppers … I was having a GIGANTIC PITY PARTY.  And anyone that wanted to attend was invited to join me.  I was even tempted to open a bottle of Prosecco I had in the fridge, but seriously do you think I would waste Prosecco on a Pity Party.  Prosecco = Happy.  This was a Grenache/Syrah Pity Party.

I grabbed my Elite Pad and decided to see what some of the bloggers I follow were up to.  Now get this … I wasn’t going out there to relieve myself from this pity party.  I was going out there to completely wallow in it!  I wanted to drink my wine and compare myself to all of those awesome bloggers I follow.  While cruising the blogosphere …. wallowing in my glass-o-wine … I received an email asking me to moderate a conversation on What I’m Wearing … To Work.  You see I don’t have many followers, and I don’t get many comments on my posts, so of course I’m going to check out who’s checking me out.  And I got a compliment from one of those bloggers I follow … one of those women who’s a rock star in the sewing community.  And she admired something I did.  Pretty cool right?

So in the middle of my Gigantic Pity Party I was given a big ray of hope.  Is learning to sew hard?  Frustrating?  Time-consuming?  Expensive?  Yes.

But more than the negatives, sewing gives me the ability to create.  It gives me that ability to take fabric and make something pretty.  And when I put it on, it makes me feel beautiful, confident,and  powerful.  All because I made it.  That’s what sewing does. 

So as I’m typing this tonight, my Gigantic Pity Party is coming to a close.  The zipper has been installed in the Saltspring dress.  It’s been hemmed and pictures are on their way.  The serger is on its way to be repaired, and all is right with the world. 

See you next time!

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