True Confessions and What’s Coming

Having conquered the PJ pants and the pillowcases, I needed to start looking toward my next projects.  Though in my heart, I would like to bust out a few smokin’ hot dresses … a skirt or two … and maybe even a jacket or blazer for work.  I should because I have 89 … yes I said 89 patterns in my stash.  Of those 89 I’ve made 4 items.  (This number includes 3 Sewaholic Patterns I pulled out of the mailbox this morning.)  Of the 4 I’ve made … only one item fits.  Here’s the true confession:

Hi, I’m Nisha Williams and I’m addicted to sewing patterns.

Yes, I realize the insanity of having 86 patterns when I can’t sew jack.  Seriously, have you been to Joann’s when the patterns are 5 for $5?  To ignore a sale like that, is just CRAZY TALK!

So my ADD, OCD, but very logical mind is telling me I have to start sewing some of the great patterns I already own.  With that being said, my next projects will revolve around skill building and fitting.  So here’s what’s coming up…

Project #1 – Vogue Fitting Pattern 1004

Because I have such a difficult time fitting an existing pattern to my figure, my sewing teacher is working with me on creating a fitting pattern.  I’ve been told that once we finish this, I will be able to use this pattern adjust any pattern I sew.

We’re using Vogue fitting pattern 1004.

Vogue V1004

Vogue V1004

The fitting process for this pattern is very different from any other pattern I’ve made before.  In a private class with Becky we started with my measurements, and then adjusted the pattern pieces to body.  It sounds simple.  But … not so much.  The process of fitting is almost overwhelming.  But I think I can learn what I need to do and apply it to every pattern.  My motivation.  I love clothes.  I love the process of creating … making … and building.

The problem with this project is that it isn’t fun.  The pattern is plain.  I’m sewing it on muslin.  I know I will never wear it.  I started this project earlier this summer and set it aside to do more fun things.  But in order to sew things that fit, I have to take this step. So it goes back at the top of the list.

Project #2 – Craftsy Sewing Studio Class

I purchased the Sewing Studio class over a year ago, but I was so discouraged from my sewing failures, I never bothered to start the online classes.

Major mistake.

Buoyed with my recent successes I decided to crack open the book and get started.  This book is what I needed a year ago!  Forget that, 2 years ago.  For me, this is the PERFECT book for beginner sewers.  It thoroughly covers all of the basics … from sewing tools to the different types of fabrics.  The book alone is worth the price of admission.  I found myself dog earring pages and taking notes.  I’ll use the book as a reference for years to come.

If you have doubts about online learning, purchase the book separately on Amazon.  If you’re a beginner and passionate about learning to sew, you won’t set it down.

Sew Everything Workshop by Diana Rupp

Sew Everything Workshop by Diana Rupp

Project #3 – Beginner Serging

One of the things my Mom and Ollie Mae (my Grandmother – maybe one day I’ll post why I called her Ollie Mae) instilled in me since I was very young was the value of quality clothing.  Even if my Mom was sewing an outfit for me she would ensure it was the highest quality possible.  It’s probably where my clothing obsession began.

We would spend hours in Hancock Fabrics.  I would sit on these massive stools and pour over these gigantic catalogs.  I would write the pattern numbers down and Mom would go to these huge cabinets and pull the pattern.  I wasn’t allowed.  🙂  Mom would pull out the pattern instructions.  We would pour over the fabric selection and … even the thread choice was important.  I specifically remember us having a long discussion about the value of having a jacket lined versus not having a lining.    

There began my obsession with high quality unique clothing.  And as I’ve grown older, and made more money – I’ve been able to appreciate fabric that has a fine hand to it.  I love the details of having a finished garment where corners weren’t cut in order to make it fast and cheap.  I’ve learned to look at the finishing on a garment right after I look at the price tag.  How it is finished is a determination if I will take it to the register. If it’s made like crap, it stays at the store – no matter whose name is on the label.

After I sewed the last seam on the first shirt I’d ever made I took it to my teacher with and asked her two questions. 

  1. Why doesn’t it fit?
  2. What do I do about the fabric that is unraveling on my hems?

As an answer to the first question …I now know that commercial patterns are very difficult to sew right out of the envelope and will always need some form of alteration.  Regarding the second question I have learned I can get a great finish on my seams by having a serger.  So, I bought one.   I decided to use again as a resource.  I’ve enrolled in their Beginner Serging course with Amy Alan.  I’m looking forward to becoming one with my serger.  Sounds so zen doesn’t it. Ha!

I’ve already wanted to throw that damn serger against the wall.  If it didn’t cost so much I would.  We’ll see how this serging class goes.

Project #4 – Sewaholic Sew Along

This is the project I’m the most excited and nervous about.  It’s the upcoming Sewaholic Sew-Along. It’s my first time trying an indie sewing pattern. 

I love supporting small businesses.  It’s a personal passion of mine, so having these smaller pattern companies is great.   I’ve heard there is a huge difference between these companies and the larger pattern companies.  I was referred to Sewaholic by Busy Lizzie, and and they specialize in patterns for pear shaped women.   That would be me!

The Saltspring dress is a fairly simple pattern, but it will be pushing my skills.  I have a friend getting married in October, and I hope to use this for her outdoor wedding.  It’s still very warm here in Texas in October, so I think with the right fabric, this pattern will be perfect. 

This Sew-Along starts Monday, and I can’t wait.

Project #5 – Apron Class

Last but not least, I’ll be taking a local apron class toward the middle of the month at the Plano Sewing Center.  I’ve already ordered the fabric for this project from  My very first online fabric purchase!  An apron isn’t the most complex project, but if I hone these basic sewing skills, I’ll benefit on the back end.

Yes, I have a lot of projects, and I’m excited about each of them.  Right now I’m focused on sewing at least an hour or two a night.  Stay tuned as I’ll soon be posting my progress on the Sexy Secretary Skirt from my Craftsy sewing class.  Between you and me – I’m very concerned about the fit on this, but hopefully we’ll tackle fit issues during the online classes.

See you next time.  Notice I didn’t sign of with Happy Sewing.  This is directly related to the serger throwing incident.  Maybe I’ll share details on that later.

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